Education Philosophy

At the UCCA Creative Studio, we believe that every person has boundless untapped creative potential. Creativity goes beyond making artwork—studying art nourishes the creativity and personal growth crucial to interpersonal skills, educational attainment, and professional success.


UCCA Creative Studio has developed a comprehensive education framework to ensure that children can experience the arts in a way that promotes self-discovery and growth.

At the UCCA Creative Studio you will find
  • Professional curriculum based on pedagogical research and international best practices for art education
  • Small class sizes for greater individual attention
  • Highly trained and experienced art educators
  • Unique approach to creative teaching
  • Inspiring venue in the 798 Art District
  • Principles
    The UCCA Creative Studio celebrates every child’s natural intelligence and creativity. To cultivate these talents, the studio organizes activities that are meaningful, highly experiential, and appropriate to each student’s developmental level.

    The Creative Studio emphasizes both process and product as children pursue knowledge of the arts. Process stresses the course of exploration and discovery as children work with different art materials and techniques, while the product of these explorations allows them to celebrate their accomplishments and share them with others.
  • Approach
    All UCCA Creative Studio instructors employ a highly interactive teaching method that focuses learning while encouraging independent thinking. Our instructors do not just lecture; they teach through dialogue and inquiry. At the UCCA Creative Studio, children learn through experience. This dialogic approach transforms technical art skills into pathways for children to develop their own ideas and interests.

    The UCCA Creative Studio’s model simulates the way artists create art—teaching children the technical skills in addition to the thoughtful planning that underpins the creation and appreciation of art.
  • Learning Outcomes
    The UCCA Creative Studio program is oriented around a multidimensional set of learning outcomes. We teach children and young adults how to create, think, and work—holistic skills essential for success in school and in life.
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