UCCA Creative Studio – where art and education come together

UCCA Creative Studio brings art to life for children and families! Our art education programs offer inspiring experiences outside the traditional classroom setting. All programs are based on best practices in art and museum education and have been designed with the possibilities and needs of different age groups in mind. They not only engage hands, but also stretch minds. We take children on the Artist’s Journey – from developing creative ideas, to producing meaningful artworks and then presenting them in a thoughtfully curated exhibition.


At the UCCA Creative Studio, we know that the environment is part of the learning process. Our students gain inspiration from the setting of each Creative Studio in unique locations that embody the history and vibrant creativity of China. For us, learning about the arts is learning about real life!


About the company


UCCA Creative Studio is a brand of UCCA Co .Ltd., which is dedicated to the promotion of creative education in unique locations. The company operates art experience centers with proprietary programs for various age groups, catering to families and schools.

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