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    Summer Camps<\/div>
    Every summer UCCA Creative Studio introduces summer camps around different exciting themes for different age,In each camp, children go through the artist's journey, engaging in research, creation, andpresentation under the facilitation from our professional art teachers. By participating in these intensive courses, students garner a deeper understanding of contemporary art while enjoying a colorful summer with UCCA Creative Studio <\/div>
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    Regular Art Classes<\/div>
    Guided by experienced artists, our Regular Art Classes give children 2-11 years of age the unique opportunity to learn about art production within a museum environment. Split into three specific age groups, the classes explore four different themes every year with lessons overlapping between classes so kids have the opportunity to explore an idea to its fullest potential.<\/div>
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    Weekend Workshops<\/div>
    Covering a wide range of topics, Weekend Workshops are available for children and families to learn about different forms of art from practicing artists and educators. Each workshop has an individual theme, so kids enjoy a more flexible schedule. <\/div>
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    Special Event<\/div>
    Besides Regular Art Classes\uff0cWeekend Workshops and Summer Camp\uff0cThere are various of events for kids\uff0csuch as exhibitions of kids\uff0cbirthday party\uff0cspecial workshops for festivals.<\/div>
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    Many activities are done in groups, so children learn how to communicate ideas, share plans and materials, assume roles, and work with others in achieving a vision.<\/div>
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    Mental Habits<\/div>
    We teach children not to simply follow instructions, but to learn how to generate and develop their own ideas. They learn critical and creative thinking skills\u2014important qualities in our knowledge-based, rapidly changing world.<\/div>
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    Arts Techniques<\/div>
    Local and international contemporary artists lead many of our activities. Through direct interaction with these artists, children expand their horizons gain a deeper insight into contemporary art. They also learn art techniques, how to achieve different artistic styles, and how to work with a variety of media and materials.<\/div>