Bring your toddler to the world of art! Programs for ages 2 - 3

It’s never too early to expose children to the arts and to develop their creative skills! Activities for toddlers are all about our five senses. All Creative Studio courses for this age group use broad themes, like color and texture, as the starting point for children to explore their creative instincts. Toddlers learn best about their world through sensory experiences and at the Creative Studio we give them the opportunity to use their hands, feet and whole body to explore, investigate and enjoy the arts. Through these experiences, toddlers are exposed early to basic elements that we encounter in every artwork: color, shape, texture, pattern and contrast.

All Toddler Courses at Creative Studio require the participation of a parent or caregiver. Toddlers enjoy exploring the arts with significant adults in their life. It makes them feel safe and ensures they are properly supervised at all times. Also, helping your youngest ones express their first artistic ideas, is a fun experience that creates strong bonds between parents and child!

The one-year Art Course is taught in weekly sessions and covers four big themes such as “Colorful Creations”, “Tickled by Texture”, “Shapes”, and “Look at me! I can!”

To find out how toddlers can discover the world of art at the UCCA Creative Studio, book a Discovery Class today!

  • Discovery Class
    Book your Discovery Class and see how different art education can be. Learn about artists, develop your own ideas and bring home your very own artwork! Discovery Classes take about one hour and are available daily.
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