Little masters! Programs for ages 3 - 5

Pre-school children experience the arts as an enriching platform for their developing interests, their emerging self-identity and growing awareness of the world.

At Creative Studio, activities for this age group are all about themes that provide a meaningful context for children to learn artistic concepts and skills. Common themes like Animals and Myself make it easy for children to connect learning at Creative Studio with lessons in school and experiences in daily life.

Creative Studio courses for preschoolers offer a mix of activities to develop children’s senses and simple conceptual activities to advance their cognitive development. As children grow, their art-making activities move beyond exploring with their senses and begin to involve the use of symbols. Our pre-school courses support that natural development.

Simple art discussions engage children in the process of observing, thinking and talking about the visual components in their artworks and in the environment. At this age, children can be taught simple elements of artworks like line, shape, color, space, and structural principles like proportion, contrast and repetition. Children also gain confidence with public speaking and develop a richer language by presenting their own artwork at the end of every course.

The one-year Art Course is taught in weekly sessions and covers four big themes such as “Art Zoo”, “I am Special”, “Building Art”, and “Art is on the Move”.

To find out how preschoolers can grow through the arts at the UCCA Creative Studio, book a Discovery Class today!

  • Discovery Class
    Book your Discovery Class and see how different art education can be. Learn about artists, develop your own ideas and bring home your very own artwork! Discovery Classes take about one hour and are available daily.
  • Workshops
    Creative Studio Workshops are unique family events! Spend quality time learning about an artistic or cultural topic from calligraphy to book illustration, Mexican fantasy animals and many more. With a new workshop every weekend, there is always something to discover at UCCA Creative Studio!
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