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The classrooms of a Creative Studio are exhibitions, its learning environment are the vibe and the culture surrounding it. We open up minds, we open up classrooms. Direct interaction with artworks and history provides an inspirational learning experience outside the classroom. The Creative Studio brings real-life learning to art education in China.


All Creative Studio teachers use highly interactive teaching methods that provide both structure and freedom for students to pursue creative projects. Our teachers don’t lecture; they guide through dialogue and inquiry.


Field trips


Creative Studio’s school programs offer students exceptional learning experiences outside the classroom. Contact us to arrange guided exhibition tours, workshops and hands-on art-making activities that offer a variety of access points to the arts.


Minimum group size of 10; discounts available for multiple field trips

Customized full-day events can be scheduled

Please book at least one week in advance


Contact: Jairus Yang, Program Manage

Email: jairus.yang@ucca.org.cn

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